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The Spitsbergen Project
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l_st playground projects
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Vorratshaltung 2022
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l_st playground projects
2005 - 2008, 2010

She saw the empty space and felt it immediately – this was one of the places – so fragile, so simple, baking under the hot sun. The dust slowly moved by the wind. ... Those are the places the beings without a place of their own withdraw to. The walls crumbling, the baths shattered. Empty windows staring at you. On the inside only what you would rather not see: - the access to the lower canals. There, you cannot believe human beings were the ones who left all this dirt, all those shards behind.
Glistening light outside. The stretches of land, witnesses of past games. The marks unmissable (the discarded glove … the glass and parts of ships and machines … the Dead animal … the plate with the blue pattern, the plate that broke) – witnesses of history – memories of a place.
No matter what you build on top of it – or tear down before. Those marks remain. Even if the crow tree falls, its spirit remains with the place – and the crows do not go away – from now on they will be the ones disposing of your home décor leftovers. Under the same flickering heat.
This place – so ragged, unwelcoming – you do not dare to touch anything, infested, soiled and coated with shards and pee – and yet: it is lying before you bare-faced, ready to give you all it has to offer, the last bits of its soil, your life – all the space in the world.
The l_st playground projects work at and together with places that can be found along the construction embankment between Munich central station and Pasing. They are both evacuations and image processings. They deal with bureaucracy and are simultaneously completely pathetic.